Saturday November 24


by Jeanette Kotowich

Eloise?is a character-derived dance performance choreographed, written and performed by Jeanette Kotowich, which brings insight to the practice of honouring traditional territory. Through paralleling the irreverent against reverence, the performance experience is a provocation, asking the question ‘How do we give thanks?

Eloise?invites the audience to?witness and participate in protocol with sincerity, hilarity, and gratitude. ?This work honours the inner terrain of the body, the ties to land and experience that we carry with us from where we have come, and the physical land on which we currently stand.?We are all our relations.

Festival Dramaturg:?Lindsay Lachance

Jeanette Kotowich?is a Vancouver based mixed blood Cree/Métis professional dance artist and choreographer. Jeanette is currently developing a full-length, innovative and collaborative solo performance called?Valley, collaboratively directed by Charles Koroneho. Honoring her mixed heritage (originally from Saskatchewan) as a source of inspiration and reference point in her work, Jeanette is passionate about investigating a blend of contemporary and Indigenous practices.

Maggie & Me
by Christine Friday

Maggie & Me is a healing dance that allows gifts and ancestral experiences to guide the choreographer in creation and manifestation. The character travels with us through dimensional realms of existence – spirit, dream, and present – the healing and revitalization of the Anishinaabe culture. With a movement style that is free, lyrical, and explosive, ME walks into her own power.

Choreographer/Dancer:?Christine Friday
Dancers: Waawaate Fobister and Penny Couchie

Christine Friday (Temagami First Nation) is a resilient Indigenous storyteller. She has over 25 years of professional dance experience, including choreography, solo, youth creations, and full-scale productions. She recently won the 2018 KM Hunter Award for Dance. She is deeply connected to the cultural wellness of her people and strives to maintain cultural traditions and gifts of her Anishinaabe. She recently launched her company Friday Creeations, a film and stage productions company. Her third dance film, “Path without End” will be released in 2019.

by JP Longboat

Consequence?transforms traditional Niitsitapii stories of Napi into a live multidisciplinary dance-theatre. Napi is in every person, reminding us daily that we are connected to Napi’s spiritual world, through an eternal spirit that gives us insight to how we deal with causal effects, in present and past time simultaneously, forever stepping forward together as a nation with the wisdom of the past.

JP Longboat is Mohawk, Turtle Clan from Six Nations of the Grand River in Southern Ontario. He has extensive professional training and practice in traditional and contemporary forms of visual art and performance disciplines. JP’s creative process is grounded in Indigenous artistic experience, practice, and legacy. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Circadia Indigena.